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SEO Tips and Tricks to Get Top Ranked in 2016

The year 2016 marks a new journey for Online Business. With the launch of several new technologies and increasing internet access even by remote audience, the online sites are booming and prolifying every day. All of us want to be easily accessible by our probable clients/customers but are we losing the rat race by getting lost among millions of websites.
Here are some SEO Tips and Tricks to get top ranked in 2016, classified as

• High Priority
• Medium Priority
• Low Priority
• Red Flag – Avoid

Let’s start with the Website

Tip#1 Focus on your Target Audience [High Priority]
Be it any type of SEO or SEO strategy, it won’t be a plus if it couldn’t impress the target audience. The needs and requirement of the audience must be emphasized. Whether it be the fonts, the colors, the language or the content, the images, titles or any other aspect, should me materialized in mind with the targeted audience.

Tip#2 Design User Friendly Navigation [High Priority]
Knowing your audience while designing the website is very important. It’s must to understand that why your target audience will visit your website and are they able to access the information they are seeking easily. If the users cannot find the relevant information or it is slipshod then, they’ll prefer other sites.  Thus the demographics of the target audience must be considered while designing the navigational structure of the website.

Tip#3. Sitemaps Are Bliss: Add Them [High Priority]
Search engines like Google, Bing crawl and index the website via sitemaps which makes it quite important to add a XML file of sitemaps to the website. Bless modern technology which has made it further easy to generate and update sitemaps automatically at our ease resultantly facilitating the search engines to crawl the website periodically.

Tip#4. Yes! Content truly is King! [HIGH PRIORITY]
Good content can do magic for your site. It is not only downright effective in making audience browse and snoop around but also helps search engines to rank your site higher. So go for curated, high quality content and it will be of value to your money!

Tip#5. Keywords
Though a few search engines claim not considering keywords yet keywords shows proven results. Steps are, generate 50 – 100 good keywords / keyword phrases; include them in your meta description, on-site content, anchor text, website description. Remember include them not overstuff them, try to maintain a keyword density of 2-3%. Keyword synonym could also be used in on-site content but they should be included as if naturally and you go in line with good SEO practices, boosting your site rank.

Tip#6. Get Apposite Incoming Links [High Priority]
Incoming links are quite important for good SEO. For generating high number of links, quality content is the key. If the content on the website is good and interests the audience, naturally it will gain a lot many links, sufficing higher number of incoming links for the website.

Tip#7. Get links from sites with High Reputation [HIGH PRIORITY]

If a reputable site links to our website, it increases reputation of our website too.
A site is considered reputable by its position in search engine, Google Page rank, Daily Page visits, Content quality etc. For instance, sites with “.edu” in their domain have a higher reputation as they represent educational institutes.
Thus getting links from reputable site could help to increase rank of our website.

Tip#8. Create sitemap for website [MEDIUM PRIORITY]

Its sitemaps via which search engines crawl through website, wooing your website search engine results. Sitemaps can be easily generated with several free tools available online. Uploading them to the sites means making it search engine friendly.

Tip#9. Create an XML sitemap or Google sitemap [MEDIUM PRIORITY]

Sitemaps or URL inclusion protocols allow websites owners to inform search engines what pages on their website are available for crawling. Through the XML protocol, search engines can track the URLs more efficiently, optimizing their search by placing all the information in one page irrespective of the complexity of website.

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