Saturday, April 16


Logo Designing is the most creative form of designing and involves strategic planning through various stages of listening, research, development, feedback and changes.

The creative heads at Fusio India, go through a rigorous creative approach before coming up with a logo design.
Their process involves:

Step 1: Meeting the client or getting the Design Brief

The client and his design requirements are crucial at this stage.
There can be two scenarios :
  1. Client knows exactly what logo they want and gives all the information required to produce it.
  2. Client only know that they need a logo and would rather leave the rest to you.
The time and effort required to complete a design brief, as well as what content the design brief will have, will depend on the client you are working with.

Step 2: Research

This is the step where some cursory market research on the company and its competitors is done. The research conducted is focused on the industry itself, its history, and its competitors which may lend insight into the effectiveness of various logo styles. The online and offline research gives us a sense of the target customer’s vision of the company. Researching current trends in the industry, with respect to the design brief, also proves to be wise.

Step 3: Sketch

Logo is started off with illustrating the design on paper. Jumping directly onto the computer halts the creative process.  The designers let their ideas run free and sketch some fusio of ideas, encapsulating the complex nature of business in a creative and attractive graphic in line with the design brief. There are long hours of brainstorming and idea-generation sessions resulting in some of the fines and unique designs.

Step 4: Idea

This is the stage where ideas matures. It starts with studying the sketches, developing it on computer, fusing several ideas and coming up with something eye-catching. The stronger ides are kept for further improvements and weaker discarded. The panel of designers have a criticism round, so as to improve the design further.
In short it involves going through the results of first three stages, fusing them and coming up with 2-3 best ideas.

Step 5: Present

This is the time when the logo is presented to the client formally. The thoughts behind the concept are reflected, so as to have a communion for the design.

Step 6: Revise

The refinement stage is the longest one as it involves lots of changes in the logo drafts. There are demands for changes in the draft designs from client.
Sometimes only one idea will be picked for refinement — sometimes he’ll run two or three in parallel just to see where they go. There might be variations in color palette, fusio of designs, playing with font styles, i.e. fine-tuning the new identity of the organization.

Step 7: Delivery

This is the stage where a simple line creates, something representing the whole business. After finalization of design, this is the stage where the file is converted into several usable formats. It includes .eps, .jpeg, .png, etc.
The logo is also presented on different background, black and white, so as to decide their usage guidance.


The artistically creative logos, which appear to be very simple visually, are the result of a very creative, brainstorming approach, which take a lot of time and quite many rigorously contemplating sessions. A successful logo designing is a collaborative process, with imperative communication between client and designer, which is quite time consuming but worth it. If the co-ordination is even close to perfect, the logo becomes a valuable asset for the company’s marketing efforts.